An Update!

Hi everyone!!! It has been quiet around here, and I am sorry for that! This coming up weekend is OnStage, a Stampin’ Up convention. This year the main one is being held in Brussels. Yup, in Germany. My wallet won’t allow me to fly there for it, but I will be attending an OnStage Local event in Milwaukee. Stampin’ Up is holding the Local events at numerous places around the world, all on Nov. 14th. So while many (most?) of us won’t be able to get to Germany, we will be able to at least attend the one day event.

I am so excited for it! I signed up for two swaps, and have been busy busy busy working on those. Unfortunately many things had to be put aside while I finished these. I signed up for the swaps about a month and a half ago and am just now finishing. Not because I was procrastinating, but because I couldn’t pin down two designs! I can’t even begin to say how many pieces of cardstock I wasted while trying to come up with ideas.

The first swap is a WOW swap, where you need to create a card to impress, your very best work. Funny enough, this wasn’t the one that gave me the most trouble. My idea was inspired by another demonstrator, and I ran with the idea.

Want a peek? This is the start of 28 cards….

Swap sneak peek

The main images on the card will be using Lovely as a Tree. I don’t know why I held out on purchasing this set for so long. It has been around for a long time and is a very popular set. I finally bit the bullet and purchased it a few months back, and I can honestly say that it is my most used stamp set these days. Great for the holidays, mens cards, background, etc. Extremely versatile.

The second card swap I signed up for is a technique swap. Each person chooses a technique that they would like to showcase. I chose watercolor. I LOVE the look of watercolor background, and I adore how our inks play with water so well. No sneak peek of that one. I finished up those cards Saturday evening. Phew! This is the one that really did me in. I had an idea. It didn’t work quite the way I planned. So I came up with another idea. It worked. Fantastic! So I created my 16 watercolor backgrounds….and promptly switched to a whole new idea. This swap was really a labor of love.

When I get back after the event I will share my two cards. I will also have a bunch of samples to share from those that I am swapping with.

Did I mention I am excited??


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