My Favorite Things

Oprah has her favorite things, why can’t I have Tyra’s Favorite Things?

Since blog content is light this week while I prepare for OnStage this weekend, I thought that I would share with you my favorite Stampin’ Up items.

Stampin Trimmer

Love, love, love this thing! I hemmed and hawed over the purchase. It is $37, which I would rather spend on stamps, I already had trimmers (plural, I have a drawer full of them!), didn’t see what made this one so special. Let me tell you, it IS special! It cuts like a dream! It locks closed for when you travel with it so the arm doesn’t break. The cutting base is extra wide (6 ¼ inches), AND extra tall. You can keep both your cutting blade and your scoring blade in the trimmer at all times, and they don’t get in the way. The cutting channel is strong enough that your blade won’t wiggle its way down the tract, causing sloppy cuts, and it will hold down a piece of paper with minimal pressure so the paper won’t move. The arm that swings out locks into place, and one of my favorite things about the trimmer is the arm is almost 9 inches long and has measurements along the whole thing. That sounds silly, but on other trimmers the arm that swings out doesn’t have measurements on the far right side, where it actually swivels out from the trimmer base. That alone made me so happy. And the final thing that sealed the deal for me? It has a generous storage compartment in the base for your extra blades, scoring tool, whatever you need.

Here is a great video from Stampin’ Up about the trimmer.

Stampin’ Scrub & Stampin’ Mist

These are two products that work together beautifully to keep your stamps clean and in great working order. Another set of products that I hesitated to purchase. I have always used baby wipes to clean my stamps. Yup, they worked just fine. But that was it, they were fine. Not great. The Stampin’ Scrub gets in the nooks and crannies of the stamps, making sure that every bit is scrubbed clean. The Stampin’ Mist helps with that, but also conditions the stamps assuring that your stamps will be in great condition for years to come.

Now, certain inks will stain your rubber, especially photopolymer (I am looking at you Real Red!!!!). There is nothing that can be done about stained stamps. But that doesn’t bother me at all. As long as I clean them real quick with the Scrub, I am good. To me a stained stamp is a loved stamp.

Whisper White 8 ½ x 11 Thick Cardstock

Now, Stampin’ Up’s Whisper White cardstock is a staple. It is fantastic. It is a dream to stamp with, takes ink like a champ, blends beautifully, scores neatly, and is about perfect in every way. But then the big brother came out, the Thick cardstock. This is 100# cardstock and is perfect for card bases. Typically I would use Whisper White as the card base, then trim another piece to go inside the card to write my message or stamp my sentiment. That gave the card a bit more “oomph”. With the Thick Whisper White, there is no need for the inside piece unless you choose to for aesthetic reasons.

Square Pillowbox Thinlit Dies

This set is a bargain at $33. I didn’t purchase this as soon as it came out for whatever reason. But I wanted it. Oh man did I want it! So as soon as I had a few extra pennies into my shopping cart it went! And oh do I love it! Perfect for little gifts (gift cards, jewelry, candy, etc). There will be many of these under our Christmas tree this year. In addition to the pillowbox die, you get 7 other dies as well. A cute candy cane, pumpkins, snowflake, Christmas tree, leaves, and two nesting squares. I have been using those squares to make windows in the pillowbox, and a frame to outline the window. So cute! And with a little Big Shot magic, you can turn this into a longer, rectangle pillow box.

Fine- Tip Glue Pen

This little bottle is fantastic! It is a thin liquid glue, much thinner than the regular Multipurpose glue that Stampin’ Up has, with a longer dry time. It comes in a bottle with a thin, long, metal nozzle. This makes it a dream to use on word die cuts, glitter, tiny embellishments, etc. And like other liquid glues, the dry time is long enough to adjust whatever you are gluing down in case of misplacement (which is why I much prefer liquid glue!). The cap has a long metal pin in it. When you close the bottle you put the pin inside the nozzle of the glue bottle. This way you won’t open the bottle to find that your adhesive has glued itself shut! That pin keeps things clean and open for you. This has fast become a staple for me!

So there you have it, 5 of Tyra’s Favorite Things! Let me know if there are any questions or if you have a favorite thing not listed.

Have a great day!


One thought on “My Favorite Things

  1. Jennifer Hovermale November 13, 2015 / 9:54 pm

    I love my Stampin Scrub and spray mist cleaner!! They keep my stamps clean and in great shape! (Luv2stamp from StampNation)

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