Craft Table Details!

Last weekend I shared my wonderful craft room that my husband built for me here. I’m amazed at how many people took the time to look at it!

There were many questions emailed to me, and I hope that I answered them all. If not, please leave a comment or email me at

The majority of the questions were about the beautiful craft table that my husband built this year. So I thought that I would take some time and share some details and “in progress” pictures of the table.

He got the original plans from Infarrantly Creative. It was a “simple modification” from her plans. He made the middle shelves longer, since I had a lot of available floor space. He did shorten the open spaces from 36″ to 29″. 29″ is plenty of room for each person. The original plans called for 36″ since the woman wanted space for two stools so her children could sit together.

There aren’t a ton of pictures, but enough to give you an idea.



The two pictures above are the end pieces.

One detail that he added that I don’t believe were in the original, he rounded all of the edges. It makes the table look SO professional! I love that little detail.


This is one of the inner pieces. The shelves are adjustable (YAY!). You can also see where he cut out a circle in the top shelf and added a garbage can. Each one of the inner pieces has two garbage cans. They have come in handy big time.

I have mentioned before that our dog is always with me when I am down there. He is nosy, and likes to go through the garbage. He is constantly picking out little pieces of paper to chew, or will show up with a piece of Dimensional stuck to his face lol I wanted to come up with a solution to keep him out of the small garbage can I usually kept next to me while working.

We toyed with the idea of having the garbage cans set into the top of the table. But there were two issues.

One- I worried about things accidentally ending up in the garbage. I don’t know about you, but I get kinda (ok, a lot) messy when I am in the middle of a project. Paper, ink pads, embellishments, tools, all over the place. I could totally see a die being pushed in the garbage.

Two- It would be a nightmare for him. I don’t doubt in the least that he could do it. And I am sure it would be beautiful. But he would have to cut through a LOT of layers, and make sure that the circle that the garbage can set it was perfect. In addition, he would have to cut through the laminate top. At over $120 a piece, it wasn’t a risk either of us wanted to take.

What he came up with is perfect! Opie lets are too stubby to allow him to get into the garbage, nothing falls into it, and it is an easy reach to dump things into the garbage. Even better, it is simple to get the cans out to empty. The garbage cans don’t take up any space that I really needed. It would be hard to store anything I needed on a regular basis down there, at least hard to get it out often! Bonus? One of our cats climb up there and lays on the shelves while I am working 🙂


The painting! Few things to mention here.

See the thing blue line on the floor? That is painters tape. When my husband and I first started talking about him building the table, I was curious about the size of it. So he grabbed some painters tape and laid it out. I am visual, and need to actually SEE something to get an idea of it. I was impressed by the size, I thought it was perfect! Well… the size of the finished table was bigger in both length and width. NOW it is perfect!

The paint was Benjamin Moore, our favorite. After painting so much of the house, and having to do two coats with other brands, we tried Benjamin Moore for a dark accent wall in our dining room. It took one coat, went on like a dream, and is just beautiful. So that is what we are now using for everything!

The paint was matched from a bottle of spray paint, that was used for the other teal things in the room.

photo 5

Anything you see that is teal in the room was done with Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover spray paint, or matched exactly to it. Love how cohesive everything is!

This is the table base laid out, before the top was put on.


You can see my old table to the right. It was a kitchen table that we purchased at a garage sale last year (along with a hutch). It worked great, but wasn’t near big enough for more than 2 people to spread out. Even then it was iffy. I am sure that it worked great as a 4 person kitchen table, but for crafting? Not so much…

You can see that there is some writing on each of the tables. My sweet sweet husband put a message on each of the sections for me 🙂 You can’t see it with the top on, but I love knowing that it is there.


The top being put on! Two layers of board, and then the laminate. I don’t have any photos of the laminate being put on. If you remember, I wasn’t allow down there to see a thing. These are all my hubby’s pictures that he took while building it.

I took a few extras last night to share, to give more detail.

I believe that I mentioned that he ran power to the table. There are 4 power strips, 2 on each side.

photo 1

(Remember we are waiting on the edging lol It will look 100% finished when we get it!)

photo 2

Looking down one side. You can see that the power strips are accessible to each station, as well as 4 shelving units (with 3 shelves on each).


photo 3

I mentioned earlier that there are 4 garbage cans built into the table. This is a closer look at how they are used. You can’t see it in this photo, but there is a small lip on the other side of the garbage cans, that prevents it from sliding out that way. I know from experience last night that our dog can NOT get his nose in there! I love not having the garbage cans on the floor any longer. Not only does it keep Opie out, but it looks so much better! I do still have a large kitchen garbage can against another wall, that is what I use to empty these smaller ones into.

photo 4

A look at the end of the table, from the inside. I haven’t decided yet what I want to keep on these. For now, it holds 6×6 paper packs, paper scraps, etc. I bought these baskets from Michael’s sometime last year and I love them! I am going to be going back for some more the next time they are on sale. We are planning on taking the plastic liners out, spray painting them a soft butter yellow, then putting the liners back in. This will bring a bit more yellow to the room without over powering it.

Final look at the table…




I need to say again, I LOVE IT. I couldn’t have asked for more 🙂

If there are any other questions that I didn’t cover here, please let me know by leaving a comment, or emailing me at




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