Project Life & a fun app I found…

Happy Thursday everyone!

Hope everyone’s week is flying by. I was finally able to spring my dad from the hospital yesterday, only 2 days after they anticipated. He is doing ok, but will have lots of doctors appointments coming up (not to mention a whole host of new meds!).

I have been on a stamping hiatus this past week. Just too tired to do much more than put together some very simple Thank You cards for my husband to send out. I will share those tomorrow or Saturday.

In the meantime, I am waiting for a fun order from Stampin’ Up! I have been eyeing Project Life (by Becky Higgins) for a while now… meaning a couple of years. I haven’t taken the leap though. I used to scrapbook, in fact that is how I started in paper crafts. That was about 18 years ago. Things sure have changed in the scrapbook world since then!

It eventually got to be too much for me and I switched over to cards, rubber stamping, and mixed media. Much more manageable for someone with so much flying around in her brain lol

Well, I still have the urge to scrapbook, but not on quite the level that I used to do it (12×12 post bound albums, a TON of embellishments, etc!). I like the idea of Project Life. Simple, quick, & fun.

Here is a quick video from Stampin’ Up regarding Project Life

So I did it guys. I bit the bullet. I have an order from SU coming that is *all* Project Life related. 6×8 album, photo pocket pages, cards, accessories, the works. Best part? I was able to get a free Project Life card collection from Sale-A-Bration 🙂 I like free!!!!

I also love the fact that I can continue to use my stamps and embellishments that I use for card making in the Project Life albums. I can have layouts be as simple or as complex as I would like.

Now, I take 99% of my photos on my cell phone, like so many do. I know that I wanted to be able to print those photos off quickly and for as cheap as possible to use in my Project Life Album. Last night I did some searching, and came across an app called FreePrints (click for details). It is run by Photo Affections, a company that has been around for some time now. What I really liked about this company is that they offer you 85 *free* prints a month, that is 1,020 free prints a year! NICE! Just pay S&H. Now, that is where they kinda get you. Shipping starts at $1.99 and caps out at $9.99. So it still isn’t bad. It pretty much equates going to Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc, and getting your photos printed there.

The best part? You can do it from bed at 11:30 at night because you can’t sleep due to the cold you picked up. Maybe that is just me? 😉 When you download the app to your phone, you get 10 prints with free shipping. So last night I chose the 10 photos I wanted, hit submit, and I kid you not, 5 minutes ago while I was in the middle of typing away here, I got a shipment notification. My photos should be here on Monday! (I have no affiliation with FreePrints, just a company I found last night that has excellent reviews!)

You can choose expedited shipping for $1 more. Totally worth it in my book, especially considering I am not a fan of leaving my house unless I have to lol

When I get my photos and my Stampin’ Up order, I will share with you. This is a new area for me, so I will be learning along with you all.

HERE is a quick link of all of the Project Life related items Stampin’ Up sells. Lots of goodies, and enough to keep you busy 🙂 Now… I just need to find a set that is dog related, since most of my pictures are of our Opie! lol

Have a great day!


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