Good morning!

A few days ago I remembered that I had a birthday coming up for a male family member and needed to get a card in the mail ASAP. I didn’t have much free time so I needed to come up with something quick and simple.

I ended up with this…


Very simple, took me 30 minutes top. I kinda like it, good for a masculine birthday!

Ingredients for the card are listed below

  • Stamp Crumb Cake card stock with the Hardwood background stamp using Early Espresso ink.
  • Using various patterns from the Neutrals Designer Series Paper stack, cut out pieces in various sizes (I didn’t use any more than 1 inch wide, smallest is about half an inch wide.
  • Trim both ends of each piece of DSP with the Banner Triple Punch
  • Trim a piece of Whisper White cardstock to 1″x 4″. Punch the end using the Banner Triple Punch
  • Stamp Birthday Wishes, using Early Espresso ink, from the Build a Birthday stamp set.
  • Arrange your DSP banners, overlapping here and there, and adhere down.
  • Adhere your sentiment banner over the DSP banners
  • Using a button from the Neutral Designer Buttons pack, thread it with some linen thread and tie a knot.
  • Adhere the button down using Glue Dots

That’s it! Easy!

So, you have to be wondering what the heck the title of this post is about!  Check this out…


Back in January Shannon, an employee of the Stampin’ Up home office, challenged herself to make as many handmade birthday cards as possible. She put the offer out on social media even, anyone that wanted a card from her should let her know. She quickly ended up with a huge list (over a thousand!) of people who wanted a birthday card.

She shared a photo (can be seen on her post about it linked below) of a huge stack of cards that she was getting ready to mail, the photo was shared many many times, and it started a movement! People loved the idea of sending personal, handmade cards.

Now, as a stamper, isn’t that what it is all about? Sending a bit of love to make someone happy? People get so much junk mail, bills, etc. Handwritten letters, cards, etc seem to be on their way out.

Shannon then carved her own stamp, to stamp onto the back of each of the envelopes. It uses a hashtag at the front so people will know that they can search for the phrase on Facebook and Instagram, and see what others are creating and sharing.

Go ahead, try it! Log into Facebook, in the search bar at the top (where you would type in someones name when wanting to view their page) type exactly #imbringingbirthdaysback (or copy it from here and paste into Facebook). You will then find alllll of the Facebook posts that use that hashtag in their post. Everything from demonstrators, to customers, to Sara from the Home Office, etc. FUN!

Anyway…. Stampin’ Up asked what they could do to help Shannon with her personal challenge. They loved the idea! So they copied her hand carved stamp, and created it for everyone to use on their birthday cards!

It originally sold out in less than 5 hours! WHOA! But they have since gotten in a HUGE HUGE order of them, are selling them left and right, and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon.

You can use the stamp on the back of a card or on your envelope. You can see how I am using it here…

It fits perfectly onto the back flap of your envelope!

If you would like to read Shannon’s original post about this, check it out HERE. Trust me, it is a good read. Shannon explains a lot more about the meaning than I did.

Product List

Glue Dots


Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a great day!!


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