Ever feel like this? And my story…

Good morning! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!

So, I was unpacking an order over the weekend that I had placed recently. Nothing too special, but it does include a fun stamp set that I have been eyeing from the Annual Catalog 🙂

I saw this recently though and it fits… perfectly!



Then I started thinking about when I started stamping. It was years ago. 15+ years at least. Maybe 18 years?

I started as a scrapbooker. I loved paper, any kind of paper. My son was around 2 and I decided it would be fun. And it was!! I loved it!

Stamping wasn’t too big at that point. Some of the big box stores carried wood mount stamps and inks, but not a huge selection that I recall.

I was on a scrapbook group, think it was through Yahoo Groups (is that still around?). They did a wish list kinda thing. One person would add their name to the Wish List, with something they wanted. Someone who had that item (no purchasing anything allowed) would fulfill their wish. Then they got to add their name to the list.

Anyway, I fulfilled someones wish, and added my wish… I wanted a heat gun. I had a few stamps, one or two inks, and one clear embossing powder. I was using my toaster to melt the ep. Seriously. I heard it could be done. And it worked! I don’t suggest you try that if you can avoid it though 😉

The box I got was amazing. A heat gun, a bunch of stamps, and so many different embossing powders. I was hooked.

The next weekend was a Scrapbook Expo. I spent my entire budget just on blocks and unmounted rubber. I was in heaven! Soon after my scrapbook items grew dusty since I was doing more stamping than anything.

After a while I got good enough to share online. Then I started working for design teams. I loved that so much!!!! Mixed media was my favorite.

I kept going for about 8 years, then my muse took off on me. I tried playing for a while, but it just wasn’t happening. I took a very long break, then started playing again a few years ago. I was completely amazed at how far the industry had come in the 5 or so years I wasn’t crafting! My style has completely changed, the brands that I once loved I don’t look at twice anymore.

I found my home with Stampin’ Up and I am so happy! I get to stamp and play to my hearts content, and share that with others. It makes my heart happy when I can teach someone something new or share tips or tricks with those new to stamping. Even better when I can help someone who has never put rubber to ink catch the same bug I have!!

So that is my story! What is yours? What got you into stamping?


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