Halloween Wreath

Good morning!

I am SO sorry that I didn’t get this up yesterday as I intended! My wonderful hubby has been dealing with a nasty cold. He has done everything in his power to make sure that I don’t get it, but…. I got it. :-/ I was down for the count yesterday.

But hopefully within a few days we will both be 100%!

Now, I started this wreath about 2 weeks ago and put the finishing touches on it last week.


What’cha think? FUN right?

And trust me, so so so easy to make! Want to learn how?


  • Pack of DSP (I used Halloween Night from the 2016 Holiday Catalog)
  • Solid coordinating cardstock, I also added a few bits of silver foil.
  • Adhesive (I used Tombo, liquid adhesive is your friend when making this!)
  • Cardboard wreath frame (I made mine, directions below)
  • Embellishments!

If you are making your wreath frame, grab a dinner plate and a salad plate, as well as a thin piece of cardboard. You know the 12×12 piece of cardboard that comes in the DSP packs? That is PERFECT to use here! You can also purchase a wreath frame from big box craft stores for a pretty low price. I wanted to use what I had on hand though.


Flip your dinner plate upside down and trace around it onto the piece of cardboard.


Remove the dinner plate, and do the same with the salad plate, centering it in the center of the circle you drew from the dinner plate.


You are left with this…


Using a pair of heavy duty scissors, cut out the circle


It doesn’t need to be perfect (as you can see mine isn’t!)

Now, grab your DSP and start trimming it down to 2in x 9in. The photo below shows the solid cardstock being trimmed the same, but I went back and trimmed it to 1in x 8in for some variation.


I wish I would have counted exactly what I cut, but I didn’t. Bad Tyra. BUT! I know that I ended up using:

  • 16 pieces of DSP
  • 17 pieces of solid CS
  • 6 pieces of silver

All of the DSP and the solid CS was scored so each piece could fold in half neatly, then I punched the ends using the Triple Banner Punch.

I wish that I had a photo of the next step, but I missed taking it. Sorry! It was easy though.

Fold a piece of DSP in half, put a bit of glue onto the cardboard frame, and fold the DSP over the frame, from the inside of the circle. Keep working your way around the frame, adhering the DSP first.

You will have some empty spots where the cardboard shows. That is where I adhered the solid cardstock. It covers up all of the empty spots perfectly!

This is what it should look like at this point.


I then went back and added 6 pieces of Silver Foil, for contrast and shine.

I hung it on our front door, just to get an idea of what it would look like.


I was loving it! It would be fine to stop here. Maybe add some greenery here or there, or die cut words (Happy Halloween or something). But I am never satisfied with just leaving things when I can add more lol

I stopped into one of those Big Box craft stores with my mom one day. I can’t remember the last time I was in one. She was looking for some fall greenery. So I roamed the isles with her. And I found the perfect things! A fun door hanger hanging from a pretty black ribbon for $1.99, and a package of foam bats for 99¢. Score!

I came home, stapled the ribbon of the door hanger to the top of my wreath so the hanger would hang in the center of my wreath. Then I adhered 3 of the foam bats to the wreath. It was so very close to being done, but still needed something…. AH! I added some Rhinestone eyes to the bats. Then it was done!

One more time…


I so love this! I will be making a Christmas one for sure!!!

Now, I will not be leaving this on our front door all of the time. Any humidity will make the paper wrinkle. But we are expecting a dry Halloween so it will go out on Monday. I will be hanging it in the house in the meantime.

If anyone is interested in a class on the Christmas ones, please let me know! I will be happy to put one together for early December!

If there are any questions, let me know.

Have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Wreath

  1. Valerie October 28, 2016 / 3:16 pm

    Cute!!! Love the bats! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Connie October 28, 2016 / 3:22 pm

    Love it! Thankyou for adding the directions it makes it so easy to make.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shar October 29, 2016 / 3:59 am

    This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing the instructions!

    Liked by 1 person

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